Prospectus for NOBELPORT


Cooperating with professors of Shizuoka University, citizen volunteers who support the University, business executives and alumni, NOBELPORT is committed to supporting and learning together with International and Japanese students who embrace ”challenging spirit to the Nobel Prize” and will become the "next-generation human resources with the spirit of effective altruism" leading a diversified society.


  1. As the bridge between international and Japanese students at Shizuoka University and the local community, NOBELPORT creates opportunities for deepening international exchange based on the spirit of "effective altruism.
  2. To create opportunities under the supervision of professors at Shizuoka University that international and Japanese students can interact with business executives and engineers in order to broaden their social and technical horizons.
  3. To conduct research on liberal arts and creative thinking methods, applying the results of the research to guiding the students to become future leaders in the fusion of arts and technology.

Activity Report

  1. June 10, 2021, Shizuoka University Hamamatsu Campus

<The Strategy Meeting for Employment and Settlement of International Students>


■Organizer: Nokin, the team of student creators

■Co-organizer and General Planning: NOBELPORT

Based around the university professors, the event of international exchange focusing on diversity was attended by international and Japanese students of Shizuoka University, citizen volunteers, and business owners of material handling companies (Onsite & Online).

  1. June 28, 2021, Shizuoka University Hamamatsu Campus

<Lecture on the "entrepreneurial spirit">


■Planned and coordinated by NOBELPORT

■English translation by citizen volunteer for international affairs

Thanks to the citizen volunteer’s introduction, the manager of the

special spring manufacturing company representing “The Driving Company for the Regional Future” gave a lecture on the "fundamental entrepreneurial spirit" to international students of Shizuoka University who wish to start their own business.

  1. July 1, 2021, Shizuoka University Hamamatsu Campus

<Advanced Technology Presentation on Application of Statistics to Robotics>


■Planned and coordinated by NOBELPORT

■English translation by citizen volunteer for international affairs

With cooperation of the university professors, the presentation was given to international and Japanese students. The manager of the robotics-related company,

was also invited to this creative scene.

Organization of NOBELPORT at Shizuoka University Hamamatsu Campus

 ■Representative: Eiji Takeuchi:

Graduate of Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Councilor of Shizudai

Technoport® (Hamamatsu Kogyo Kai Association), First-class architect

■Advisor: Dr. Masaru Shimomura, Professor of Faculty of Engineering

■Secretary General: Eiichiro Nonaka

Member of U-Turn Consultation office of Shizudai Techno Port® (Hamamatsu Kogyo

Kai Association)

■Alumni Association Support: Masanori Itoh:

Secretary General of Shizudai Techno Port® (Hamamatsu Kogyo Kai Association),

■Citizen Volunteer for International Affairs:

Takashi Kurita (Head of NOBELPORT Interpretation Team)

 ■University Supporter:

  Satoshi Ota, Information and Communication Technology Support Section,

■Student Staff:

Yuki Imamura, Faculty of Informatics



NOBELPORT  ノーベルポート















  • 留学生の就職地域定着戦略会議in 静岡大学浜松キャンパス(2021年6月10日) 




  • 市民ボランティアの紹介により、地域未来牽引企業【特殊バネ製造会社】の経営者より起業希望の静岡大学留学生に「本来あるべき企業家精神」について教示して戴きました。(2021年6月28日)


  • 統計学をロボティックスに応用する先進的技術プレゼンテーション

in 静岡大学浜松キャンパス(2021年7月1日)



  • プラスマ・リンガル (日本語突貫マスターコース)2021年6月24日 スタート


静岡大学浜松キャンパス イノベーション推進機構 カンファレンスルーム

月曜日 19:00~21:00


講師 ノーベルポート国際ボランティア  栗田 孝

参加者 バングラディシュ ナイジェリア チェコ 出身のABP留学生

代表   竹内栄治 静岡大学工学部電気工学科OB

    (静大テクノポート®【浜松工業会】評議員 一級建築士)

顧問   静岡大学工学部教授 博士(工学)下村 勝 先生

NOBELPORT事務局長 野中詠一郎(静大テクノポート®【浜松工業会】Uターン相談室委員)

同窓会サポート 静大テクノポート®【浜松工業会】

    (静岡大学浜松キャンパス同窓会)事務局長 伊藤正範様

国際ボランティア  栗田 孝(NOBELPORT通訳団々長)

大学サポーター   太田喩之 静岡大学技術部(ボランティア通訳)

学生スタッフ 今村勇輝 静岡大学情報学部 情報科学科学生